About The Amory Wars

Claudio Sanchez

CLAUDIO SANCHEZ  is the creative force behind the monumentally successful band Coheed and Cambria, selling over 1.5 million records worldwide to date.  Claudio, a lifelong comic book fan, created the mythological concept behind the band’s music, translating each album into corresponding graphic volumes, to comprise the epic Science Fiction saga known as The Amory Wars.

Chronicling the rise and fall of the characters Coheed and Cambria, the Universe of Heaven’s Fence and its inhabitants, The Amory Wars story is a four part series;  “Year of the Black Rainbow”, “The Second Stage Turbine Blade”, “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” and “Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV: Volumes 1 & 2.”  Written in un-sequential order, the volumes are released as follows.

“Second Stage Turbine Blade” (10 part mini-series. Complete): 
The second chapter in the saga, SSTB centers on the story of the Kilgannon Family: Parents Coheed and Cambria, their four children – Matthew, Maria, Josephine and Claudio, and Coheed’s brother, Inferno (aka, Jesse). The ruling party of Heaven’s Fence, Wilhelm Ryan along with his right hand man Mayo Deftinwolf, have convinced Coheed and Cambria they were previously implanted with a deadly virus called the Monster, which if unleashed, will destroy the entire energy force (The Keywork) of the civilization. Furthermore, they are led to believe the virus was genetically passed to their children, where it mutated into the Sinstar, an even more catastrophic viral strain with no antidote.  Faced with the decision to save their family or the fate of the world, the couple goes head to head with Ryan. 

“In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” (12 part mini-series.  Currently in production.)
In the third volume, Heaven’s Fence is shattered and hopeless under Wilhelm Ryan’s reign as the most formidable force in the Universe, challenging even God himself for power.  Coheed and Cambria have met their untimely end and are touted in most circles as “terrorists.”  Their only remaining son, Claudio is left to make sense of his parents demise and ultimately to find his own place in the grand dictatorship of the new Heaven’s Fence.  Unbeknownst to Claudio, he is not entirely alone in the world, as his uncle, Inferno, hides just below the radar, plotting a Rebellion of his own against the megalomaniac Ryan. 

Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV: Volume 1 (Graphic novel)

Year of the Black Rainbow (Prose novel):
The first volume of The Amory Wars was released as a prose novel, co-written by Claudio Sanchez and Peter David.  YOTBR tells the story of the creation of Coheed and Cambria as living weapons by the brilliant geneticist, Doctor Hohenberger.  Their construction comes as a direct order from the blossoming Wilhelm Ryan, who is fresh from the horrific Mage Wars, where he slaughtered all of his fellow Mages to come to solitary power.  When Hohenberger initially refuses, Ryan kidnaps the Doctor’s beloved wife, Pearl, using her as collateral.  Thus the tale of Coheed and Cambria begins…and ends.